PLC Tennis League

Officials and Committee


President: David Johnson Esq


Chairman: Phil Evans. Secretary: Adrian Lawrence



Simon Nuttall, David Tomlinson, Brian Johnson & Michael- John Parkin, Tom Williamson 




These are drawn up with due consideration to, and for the benefit of, all Members and Court Owners.  You are advised to comply with them, failure to do so will result in penalties being imposed.


General Rules


1.   PLC League:  All matches must be played in a spirit of good sportsmanship, with good manners, common courtesy, and respect for people and property at all times

      Courts:  After completion of the match please ensure you close all gates, brush the court, lower the net, remove any litter and thank the court owner

      Footwear:  all members must wear recognised tennis shoes or pumps to play in.

      Problems:  any person/couples experiencing difficulty or having cause for complaint must contact the Chairman or email

Liabilities:  all players play PLC matches at their own risk and as such neither the PLC Tennis League OR the court owner accept any responsibility for any accidents which may occur either on or off the court of play

Accidents and Property Damage:  any damage where a match is being played must be paid for by the player responsible.


Match Rules


2.            Starting Times:  All Matches are scheduled for 7.00 p.m.  However for Courts with no lights players will have to amend this accordingly at the start and end of season



3.         Home Couples:  Each home couple must provide

a.            A tube of new Tennis balls (4 balls) for the Match

b.            Results: Online Results System;-

Results MUST BE entered by the home couple within 7 days of the match being played



4.         Points System:

Sets that are won (e.g. 6-4 or 6-3 etc.) score 2 points

                        However, if a set goes to 5-5, then two additional games are played

                        A 6-6 tied set results in each couple receiving 1 point

                        7-5 results in the winning couple obtaining 2 points

                        Falsified scores - both couples will get 3 points deducted and the match will be void.


5.         Failure to turn up for a fixture:

                        If you fail to turn up for a fixture the following will apply:

                        a.         The fixture must be re-arranged.

b.         The couple not turning up will have 3 points deducted from their league total

c.         The couple who did turn up must report the matter to the league Secretary ( immediately



 6.         Abandoned Matches:          

If through injury or bad weather a match is abandoned, then the score in completed sets must be carried forward to the date when the match is completed.  Part sets are to be continued from the score at the time of abandonment. This Match must then be played within the time scale of deadline dates – Rule 8


            7.         Problems with Fixtures:

Couples experiencing difficulty in getting a match played MUST make contact with the League Chairman/Secretary/  to avoid penalty points applying – Rule 8.


8.         Deadline dates:-

Matches must be played within 5 weeks of the fixture date and the results entered into the PLC website within this timeframe.

All League matches must be completed by 30th September.

Failure to meet these deadlines will result in the website automatically imposing penalty points on both couples.

Automatic Penalty Points - these may be reversed at the discretion of the Committee if a genuine reason is given for the non-playing of a match.  The genuine reason must be raised with the Committee for consideration before the deadline date.


9.         Pool Players:

A seeded Pool Player or a player from a lower division must be used if your partner is unavailable for any fixture.  The pool player used must be divisionally compatible (see pool player seedings)

Also, a pool player can only play two matches for the same partner during the season, unless for mitigating circumstances when the Committee deem otherwise. 

                        When using a Pool Player you must:-

a.         Inform your opponents and obtain their consent before the fixture (failure to do so will result in you losing half the points gained in the Match)

b.         The Pool Players name must be entered on the website scoring system.

c.         Any person using the same pool player more than twice in the season will forfeit 6 league points unless approved by the Committee.

d.         Non Pool Player – If you wish to use a player who is not on the Pool Player list you MUST seek authorisation from the PLC committee before doing so. Use of a non-approved pool player will result in a 6 point penalty.  


            10.       Promotion/ Relegation Play Offs:

                        Divisional Champions and Runners Up – Automatic Promotion

                        Divisional bottom two couples – Automatic Relegation

The Committee reserve the right to amend promotion and relegation issues


            11.       Cancelling a Fixture: 

You must undertake the following:

a.         The cancellation must be a two-way communication with a confirmed response from the opposition.

b.         Cancellation must be made by 4pm on the day of the scheduled match.  Failure to satisfy this requirement means the match must go ahead as scheduled.

                        c.         Immediately provide alternative dates when you can play the match

                        d.         Rearranged matches should be played on the scheduled court unless both couples agree otherwise 

                        e.         The pair cancelling the fixture MUST cancel the scheduled court with the court owner. 

       Failure to do so will result in a 3 point penalty deduction being applied if a complaint is received.


12.       League Tables

Are available throughout the season in real time at:


13.       Foot Fault:

If the team receiving serve believe the server is encroaching the court prior to hitting the tennis ball, then the following procedure should be followed:

a.         On changing ends, deliver a polite warning that in your opinion a foot fault has occurred.

b.         If the problem continues, then the NON receiving partner advises that a foot fault has occurred and the game continues with either a second serve or lost point as per the rules of tennis.



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